Hospice of Charles County is a nonprofit service provider. Hospice of Charles County, Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Being a community based, non-profit provider, the needs of hospice patients are the primary concern, not profits or financial rewards to stockholders. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service without placing payment demands or financial burdens on the patient and their family.

As Charles County grows, so does the need for hospice care.



Here is what you can do:

  • Make a donation
  • Volunteer your time
  • Planned Giving
  • Donate a Vehicle
  • Donate to hospice through your employer
  • Attend a fundraising event
  • Shop on-line with one of hospice’s affiliates
  • Learn more and tell others



Make a donation

A significant share of Hospice of Charles County’s budget comes from donations. Each gift, large or small, helps hospice ensure that services, supplies and equipment are available when and where they are needed.

Memorial donations to Hospice of Charles County are given in memory of someone special at the time of their death, or at the anniversary of their death, and to keep their legacy alive and remember them for their contributions. Hospice acknowledges all memorial donations which are tax deductible. In addition, we notify the next of kin of your generous donation without specifying the amount.

Donations can also be made in honor of someone special to you or simply as a contribution to hospice to help support the care we give to our community. All donations are acknowledged and contributions are tax deductible.

Click the Donate icon if you would like to make your donation online:


Volunteer Your Time

Hospice volunteers work in every part of the program; they are hospice’s greatest assets. Training is provided to individuals who have an interest in patient support, administrative, and bereavement activities. There are also opportunities to volunteer your time for fundraising events. Click here for more information on our Volunteer Program.



Planned Giving (estate planning, wills and bequests, living wills, and trusts)

A bequest to Hospice of Charles County is one of the most meaningful and thoughtful legacies you can provide to your favorite charity. Through your planned gift, you will ensure that medical care and services offered to terminally ill patients and their families will continue. Plus, it is a wonderful way to express your support.

To ensure that your exact intentions are carried out and not decided by the state, your bequest should be clearly stated in your original Will or Codicil. A bequest may include cash, stocks, bonds, securities, real estate, pension plans, retirement accounts, life insurance or other property. It may also be a percentage of your estate or designated as a specific amount of money. Using percentages will give you better flexibility and allow for changes in your finances. Your bequest may also provide valuable tax benefits. It is best to contact your attorney, personal accountant or estate planner to assist you in this important matter.



Donate to hospice through your employer

Designate Hospice of Charles County as your charity of choice through the United Way Campaign by writing in Hospice of Charles County, Combined Federal Campaign (#77871) and the Maryland Charity Campaign (#0852).

Please earmark your United Way charitable contributions directly to Hospice (United Way Partner Agency) instead of the Community Impact Fund.



Attend a fundraising event

Hospice of Charles County holds several fundraising events a year that directly benefit the continued mission of the organization. These events raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and help bring awareness to the services that Hospice of Charles County offers to the community. These events include the annual Lax for Heroes Lacrosse Tournament and the Hospice Golf Outing. See one of the affiliate links at the end of this page to donate now.



Learn more and tell others

Contact Hospice of Charles County to request information or to invite a speaker for your organization’s upcoming meeting. Make certain your doctor and your place of worship have information about the programs and services available from hospice for those who may need it.