“Words cannot express the gratitude I have and feel towards Hospice. We would have struggled endlessly in many ways had it not been for the Hospice team. My sincere thanks to all of you Angels.”

“If it was not for Hospice I would not been able to bring my Mom home. They were there for Mom & the family at ALL times. I could not have done this without Hospice. Thanks very much.”

“I don’t know what we would have done without Hospice. Everyone was very kind and caring. My husband was comfortable for the first time since he was in the advanced stages of cancer.”

“I cannot say it enough how much I appreciated the teamwork of all the Hospice folks. They were all professional, caring loving people. I was so impressed with the support I received and continue to receive. God Bless You All.”

“The care given by the team was extraordinary. I will always be grateful for their care and concern and for making sure that my mom was pain free.”

“The hospice staff that took care of my mother was very attentive and compassionate. I appreciate everything they did to make her last days as comfortable as possible.”

“The family and I could not believe the comprehensive group of services provided. We even had a note of condolence from the pharmacy. I pray God’s blessing on each one of you.”

“The hospice team went above and beyond the call of duty and we could never be thankful enough.”

“We found the hospice team to be very helpful and understanding, very caring, and considerate. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“I could not have gotten through all the tears and pain without them.”

“I found the team was very well organized and informative. They made us feel like we had known them as friends.”

“To many, the concept of Hospice means end of life care to a terminally ill patient. However, it quickly becomes clear that Hospice is also an all encompassing support system for care givers and other family members as well, regardless of age. Since our beloved Mother’s early enrollment, Hospice’s Care Team immediately assisted by anticipating and meeting all of our needs, from hospital discharge to assuring her comfort and safety back into our home.

We so appreciated the ’24/7′ access to staff by phone and everyone went above and beyond in making themselves available to us. The friendship, rapport, and trust which so quickly developed with our support team will always be cherished. As a time when our entire lives were changing forever, moment by moment, these wonderful people showed us compassion, strength and sometimes even joy. We are eternally grateful to Hospice for enabling us to fulfill Mom’s final wish to pass peacefully and pain free in her own bedroom surrounded by her loving family.

Now as we navigate those life’s unchartered waters without her, we take comfort in knowledge that the Hospice Bereavement Program is available to assist in our grief processing. Each passing day seems a bit easier knowing that together with Hospice’s Professional Support Team, we were able to provide our dearest Mother with the best possible care she was so deserving of!”

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