Preparing Patients for Hospice Care


Electing hospice care for a patient is not a sign of giving up, but rather a shift from finding a cure to effective symptom and pain management.

Presenting hospice care as the next step in a patient’s medical treatment plan can be met with resistance. Some patients may not be ready to accept hospice care and may also feel they are being abandoned by their primary care physician. Explaining to them that you will still be their doctor and can still participate in their medical care needs may put them more at ease with your recommendation.

Choosing to accept hospice care is a choice that will involve the patient’s loved ones. Even though the patient may be ready to accept hospice, their loved ones may still encourage them to pursue other treatment alternatives. This is an important time to let the family know that hospice involves not only medical support for the patient, but emotional and spiritual support for both the patient and loved ones. Hospice care also includes bereavement support while their loved one is in hospice care, and throughout the grieving process.

For additional information, a tour of our Hospice House facility, or to refer a patient to Hospice care, please contact us today at 301-861-5300.

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